TypeScript SDK

Performant & lightweight SDK to interact with any EVM chain from Node, React and React Native.

Connect TypeScript SDK

Connect TypeScript SDK is open-source. View and contribute to its source code on GitHub.


npm i thirdweb


  • React and React Native UI Components: for wallets connection, transactions and more
  • In-app wallets: first-class support for email and social logins
  • Account abstraction: first-class support for ERC4337 smart accounts
  • Type safe contract API: fully typed with human readable ABI
  • Code generation: CLI to generate highly optimized contract, type-safe interfaces\
  • RPC for any EVM chain: highly performant RPCs with just a chain id
  • IPFS upload/download: simple and efficient IPFS integration
  • Auto ABI resolution: resolve ABIs for any deployed contract with just an address
  • Ethers / Viem Interoperability: adapters for ethers and viem libraries

Design principles

  • Single package: for Node, React and React Native with tree shaking for a minimal footprint.
  • Performance optimized: focuses on speed and efficiency with single responsibility principles.
  • Out-of-the-box infra: direct access to all the thirdweb infrastructure from wallets to RPCs to IPFS.
  • Developer experience: type-safe, simple to use, with repeatable and predictable patterns.
  • Interoperable: works with any infra provider and with other libraries like viem and ethers.

Get Started

API Reference


  • Node 18.6 or higher
  • TypeScript 5.0.4 or higher (for TypeScript users)
  • React 18.0.0 or higher (for React users)