What is Connect?

Connect is the complete toolkit for connecting every user to your application. It features customizable onboarding flows, self-custodial in-app wallets, account abstraction, onramps, and more.

With Connect, you can:

  • Connect to 170+ different wallet providers with support for every EVM network
  • Log in and authenticate your users with customizable and secure email, phone, and social login flows.
  • Enable gasless options to seamlessly onboard non-native or new crypto users with [Account Abstraction].
  • Perform wallet actions like┬áconnecting and disconnecting wallets, viewing balance, displaying ENS names, and much more with our perfomant, reliable and type safe API
  • Easily integrate with thirdweb's Contract SDKs to enable users to interact with your application.
  • Onramp user funds with a credit card with Pay.

Supported Chains

Connect is supported on every EVM compatible chain. To view the full list, visit thirdweb chainlist.


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